Joy’s Tales from Thailand

Joy is off to Thailand for the Winter…back to open Wattle Hollow in mid-March.

Below she shares the adventure with you in Tales from Thailand!

Tales from Thailand #1

Hello again, dears. Thank you for your best wishes and your interest in my journey. I myself haven’t more than a vague clue about what will be unfolding here.

But all of my adventures seem to be grooming me for the same life lessons:
1. Nothing, nothing (!) is ever awry.
2. Be patient (5555**) and alert
3. Keep an open and refreshed heart, known here in Thailand as “jai yen.” (cool heart)

I don’t need to go charging toward my goals like a bull rhinoceros in heat…. Alternatively, I breathe deeply, and return to lesson #1, above. This Lesson Plan requires daily repetition, for me, like a cosmic Sesame Street re-run.

I am truly “home” again, here at Satthien Dhamma Sathan (SDS), perhaps more than ever before. I feel more able to accept the lovingkindness and graceful beauty that is offered me at every turn, with less urgency to prove my worthiness . . .

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Tales from Thailand: A Prologue

Greetings, dear readers. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Some of you are new readers, and some may remember my last Tales From Thailand, 2014. But very few folks know the context of this return to Thailand, four winters later:

Four years ago, I asked my spiritual teacher and guide, Anna Cox, a question. . .

“What is going on with this child? I love so many children at the orphanage, but she seems to have stolen my heart in a unique way.”

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