Tales from Thailand (2018) #6

Hello again, dear readers.

I have a tricky topic to entertain this time: Saints.

They seem to come in all shapes and sizes. I probably miss quite a few of them, because of my busy, windy” mind. But still, I can describe a few that I met last week, at the “Inner Dimensions of Climate Change” Global Youth Conference at S.D.S.

Forty young eco-activists came from all over Asia and the Pacific islands to support each other and examine the internal process of “cooling” our own minds, within the fiery blasts of environmental decline/disasters we face today.

Right is Bob Maat. He has been walking in Cambodia for forty years, to restore sanity to the traumatized Cambodian survivors of U.S. bombings, and then the catastrophic “killing fields” of Pol Pot. He has, literally, followed in the footsteps of Maha Gosananda. Bob is light and easy, never promotes himself, has little to say, doesn’t do email. Yet when I asked I asked him, “How’s your mind?”, his simple response: Quiet. **

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