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Cobbing Projects
at Wattle Hollow 


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Cobbing - Sea World

Sea World - Cob Building Project 2010
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Sea World - New cob building at Wattle Hollow Retreat Center

(read our early History of Cobbing here)


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to slow down and look at the wings of a dragonfly as it lights down next to you on the dock...

... to nod to the fat Chinese carp gliding past in the pond... hear owls and coyote singing along with the frogs in the evening... to stroll along the Peace Path through the woodlands and stop to meditate on a 6' tile mandala ...

...visit with Kwan Yin in the wisteria arbor or contemplate rainbows...?

If retreat and renewal are what you need.....


Wattle Hollow Retreat Center

might have something for You...

The Earth is Waiting for You
  by Thich Nhat Hanh
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Close up of Earth Mother

Retreat Lodging at
Wattle Hollow

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Wattle Hollow Retreat Lodging - Groups and Private Retreats

Wattle Hollow Retreat Center is an experiment in conscious sobriety, so we ask that participants leave recreational drugs and alcohol at home.

Schedule of Upcoming Events at Wattle Hollow Retreat Center in Northwest Arkansas

Wattle Hollow Retreat Center in the News! - Read the June 11, 2007 Dallas Morning News Life/Travel article - Clearing the cobwebs at Ozark retreat


Healing at the meditation retreat

Wattle Hollow is a relatively small retreat center (40 acres of woodlands on a mountainside in Northwest Arkansas) with capacity for 20 - 25 folks. 

Retreat Lodging consists of

- several cob spaces (hand sculptured adobe),
including the Cob Castle, the Sea World, Earth Mothe
room, the Throne room;

- several individual cabins (Ocean View, Lotus Kuti,
Dogwood Lodge, Crystal Palace and the Teacher's Cabin)

Slideshow of
Nature Scenes at Wattle

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Wattle Hollow Retreat Center in Northwest Arkansas

Photos and Descriptions
of Retreat Lodging

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