devils-den-signDirections to Wattle Hollow Retreat Center (updated 2021)

Directions to Wattle Hollow, from Fayetteville, AR
GPS link to the top of the driveway:
Continue down the driveway (across from the white house, as described below…) and take the (only) right fork, marked “Wattle Hollow”.
Or, written directions from Fayetteville, AR:
DO NOT use 344 Combs Ave. to find Wattle Hollow with your GPS., dears. That is my mailing address in Fayetteville.

 And, DO NOT google Wattle Hollow for a GPS either, as that occasionally will put you in a field, far away….
Take I-49 S to the West Fork exit (it’s after Greenland).

Go right onto Hwy. 170, toward Devil’s Den State Park, for about 10 miles. When you see the sign that says:
“Winslow: 19 miles and Devil’s Den: 4 miles”…
…continue another half-mile on 170…to the first house on the right (a small white one, with a carport and an American flag).

Please note: the old rock cairn and the Wattle Hollow sign are no longer there!
But there is a large NEW house (that kinda resembles the Holiday Inn) that has been built on the property there.

Turn left down that driveway, later taking the only fork to the right, which is marked, and continue to the end of the road. The entire driveway is 1.25 mile.

( P.S. If you should miss the original turn off of 170, you will soon come to my neighbor’s driveway, which has two tall 14’ brick monoliths flanking it. That means you just passed the Wattle Hollow driveway. Turn around : )

Coming from southbound on I-49:

I still recommend taking the West Fork exit (north of the Winslow exit) and following the directions above (except going left at the West Fork exit). It’s easier and doesn’t take any longer than the other route.

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