Tales from Thailand (2018) #3

Hello again, dear readers. Here I am again, at the climax of my perennial Hit Parade song:

Happy birthday to you-ou-ou…
Happy birthday to me-e-e-e…
Every day we are born,
And every day we are free-e-e-e..

Except, it was my actual birthday that evening, having completed seventy-one revolutions around the sun, counting the first year. And I have added a little component this year: after Every day we are born, I now tuck in the line,

And every day we die….

before the finale: Every day we are free-ee-ee-ee. (sung with gusto, and accompanying movements).

How can we be re-born unless there is newly created space?

Speaking of the Circles of life, I’ve been encouraging Nawng-Joy to focus on the methods by which our master gardener (remember the unsung
hero?) Chom has created this paradise. A wider audience around the world could reap the benefits of his decades of research. As I told Chom, via a translator, years ago:

I’m planning to ruin your life, by making you famous. You’ve been having this happy quiet life in the background here for too long now.

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