Tales from Thailand (2018) #1

Hello again, dears. Thank you for your best wishes and your interest in my journey. I myself haven’t more than a vague clue about what will be unfolding here.

But all of my adventures seem to be grooming me for the same life lessons:
1. Nothing, nothing (!) is ever awry.
2. Be patient (5555**) and alert
3. Keep an open and refreshed heart, known here in Thailand as “jai yen.” (cool heart)

I don’t need to go charging toward my goals like a bull rhinoceros in heat…. Alternatively, I breathe deeply, and return to lesson #1, above. This Lesson Plan requires daily repetition, for me, like a cosmic Sesame Street re-run.

I am truly “home” again, here at Satthien Dhamma Sathan (SDS), perhaps more than ever before. I feel more able to accept the lovingkindness and graceful beauty that is offered me at every turn, with less urgency to prove my worthiness . . .

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