Tales of Joy – 2022

Hello dear readers.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? So many of you, especially longtime readers, either sweetly or plaintively, inquired about the loss of these Tales the last two years…. Plus, my teacher and Astral Tour Guide, Anna Cox, made it abundantly clear in November that I WOULD resume this year.

The ghoul in the photo above is Anna’s husband Jim. I visited them on Halloween, as I was passing through Little Rock on my way to Washington, D.C. (It is also, of course, a symbol of the “Maya”/delusion, in which so many are swirling these days.)

So that’s where our story will begin, I suppose. I hadn’t seen Anna for years, due to her extremes of illness (grand mal seizure) and ill fortunes. But Jim and Anna both seem to be suddenly having a resurgence of vitality! I was granted nearly four hours (!) in Anna’s presence, recording her stories, wisdom and intuitive predictions. She nearly blew my fuses, in fact, but stopped just short of my maximum capacity for expansion…

Anna Cox 2022

Besides learning many more details of her fantastical life, Anna quashed my hopes that hings are soon gonna turn around in America and in the world…

No, this is not a small wave of darkness we have now.
It’s enormous, in fact…
We are not here to resist anything.
We are here to hold the light for others..
We are here to defuse the widening polarities..
We are here to hold the totality of life.

I could feel my personae dissembling, as she spoke, which is not entirely comfortable and simultaneously, wildly liberating.

As I drove eastward through the exquisite autumnal display of the Smokies and then Appalachia… I could hardly contain my joy (autumnal orgasm, I called it)…. or my desire to eat everything in sight. Food that has never passed my lips – pepperoni pizza, for godsake, got devoured! I was trying to “caulk the void,” to find a way to assimilate Anna’s dire prediction AND rise to our elevated assignment within it.

When I got to my sister’s home near Washington, D.C….I could feel how my personae had been smelted into a somewhat finer metal. My own “schpetauchle” (a wonderful Yiddish word for neuroses) was vividly clear and equally irrelevant …almost amusing. We entered a fresher deeper relationship. My lifelong reactivity was partially shorn; longtime veils dropped!

The next pilgrimage, two weeks later, landed me in OK and CO.

My very dear buddy Stephen Coger and I decided to go visit our mutual friend Vivian (a psychic and nutritional counselor) in CO Springs. When I called her and asked about the date we had randomly chosen, Vivian responded,

That’s my 94th birthday.

These synchronicities flow like mountain creeks, drenching my life, when I am in synch with Spirit.
When I then called my dear old buddy Cathy, who lives in Yukon, OK…and told her that story…she replied,

You’re coming to see me on my birthday as well.


Wonderment continued to rain down, everywhere I went.

At Cathy’s house, a quote from Carl Jung:

Neurosis is the unwillingness to acknowledge legitimate suffering.

visited me in a new dimension, dissolving deeper layers of resistance. Dreams unearthed more memories.
I’d known it intellectually for decades, but now it has sunk down into my belly. A soft kindness is mellowing the harshness of my defensive nature, chunk by chunk, particle by particle…

Tis the season of our lives, dear readers, to wake up.

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