Tales of Joy 2022 #6

Hello again, dear readers.

This will be, I suspect, my last Tale from the Baja.

As is often the case with liminal experiences, (the frontier between two perceived phenomenon – e.g. sunrise, sunset, birth or “death,” as we like to call it) …my senses are heightened today, especially with the fullness of the moon and the prospect of leaving Mexico very soon.

Visiting with the whales seems to have filled a deep longing that has been en utero for almost fifty years…since my husband Merlin and I forlornly released our dream of seeing them calve, in Magdalena Bay.We had no vehicle, and no funds to bend our fate. It was freezing and windy that morning, and the road entirely empty, as we stood on the transcontinental highway outside Mulege. Hitch-hiking has been, perhaps, the greatest teacher of spiritual truths in my life.

The ride we did get that day, around noon, was from a Canadian couple in a hand-painted (Carlos Castaneda-inspired) van, headed south. We rode with them, continued on the ferry to the mainland, and all the way across Mexico to the Yucatan peninsula. But that is, obviously, another story.

Returning to THIS story (which itself is now history): I was relieved to wander around the charming colonial port of Loreto for a couple days, to let my mind/body reset itself after my rock ’n roll experience in our little boat.

Two pieces of art in Loreto particularly captured my attention.

One was of Jesus, inside the 300-year old Cathedral. The artist seems to have focused on
the sahasrar….the upper chakra or entrance to the astral world that psychics and yogis subscribe to. Have y’all ever seen anything like this in Christian art?The other piece, a sculptural tableau (above) offers various perspectives of the Jesuits’ arrival/incursion, forever changing the New World.. The indigenous father’s misgivings are clear, and perhaps prescient.

As I was driving back toward La Paz from Loreto, my car seemed to turn itself off the main highway and onto the smaller road towards Mission San Javier…as I asked Spirit:

Who is in charge here?

Apparently not me…….

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