Tales of Joy 2022 #4

Hello again, dears. In case some of you looked at, but didn’t actually “see” my landlord Clemente, in Tales #3…. I wanted to give y’all another opportunity.


… to understand the nature of my home here, a personal Museo Folklorico that he has created:

Each corner has a theme, not unlike Wattle Hollow.
left, music…to the right, social consciousness.

I originally had plans to stay here in the Baja for a month. Obviously, that “plan” (5555; the word “five” in Thai is pronounced “ha”) fell by the wayside, because Thailand locked down her borders, as Omicron surged around the world. Thais made up a funny verb – “to sandbox”, which means they currently send all tourists to the island of Phuket, where one can frolic in the waves, drink lots of beer, spend money, and infect other tourists, instead of Thai citizens!

No, thanks.

So I currently have a revised air ticket to fly to Bangkok at the end of February and return home in the middle of March. Normally I would never fly halfway around the world, literally, for a three-week stay. It
takes me about five days to recover from the flight… But dear Nawng Joy, who has never asked anything of me in twenty-eight years, has been very clear about this, in all our conversations:

We are waiting for you.

So Trickster and the Green Tara will be in charge of my itinerary…
I know nothing. As usual.

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No one and nothing is ever out of place.
No one and nothing is ever out of synch
No one and nothing is ever beyond God’s embr