Tales from Thailand 2020 #2

Hello again, dear readers. And full-moon greetings from the Green Tara. (It was fun to wait for the moon to rise to just the right spot.)

Thanks so much for your heartfelt response to my Tales. There are many Zero Waste Warriors out there, who have been responding with consciousness since long before my nascent attempts. I often fail to avoid single-use plastic: people give me bottles of water, or I buy something that is otherwise unavailable without wrapping.. And I’m still learning about impeccability from Captain Zero Waste. Here (below) she and her wonderful grand-daughter, Gan-pu, rinse the bottle caps five times (!) before sending them off to re-cycling, carefully scrubbing any hint of dirt.

Speaking of cleaning up, it seems that my ongoing second chakra sweeping meditations, to clear the infants’ shame and trauma, are having a profound impact on my ability to see, to laugh, to rebound, to dance … you name it. I’d say: to be free.

Van Jones (one of my heroes and co-founder of the Revolutionary Love project) says it best:

If we haven’t cleared the early personal wounds of our own childhood , we will drown in an ocean of powerlessness and despair amidst today’s challenges.

Last Valentine’s Day, instead of buying chocolate candy [an industry mostly built on child slavery] for people who don’t need it, tens of thousands of “love warriors” wrote letters to prisoners, refugees, and migrants in detention.

This Tale is dedicated to Gladys Tiffany, a Quaker and Fayetteville peacemaker who walks her talk every day, ceaselessly standing on the front lines with grace, love and conviction. Thank you, dear Gladys. …

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