Tales from Thailand – Prologue

Tales of Thailand Prologue - from Baja

Hello, dears.
I suspect that at least some of you are thinking: Hmmm, they have saguaro
cactus in Thailand? The answer is: No.

I spent twelve days at the tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico, before heading out to SE Asia.
Last winter, I spontaneously made a reservation at an airbnb in Cabo San Jose, on the un-touristed side of town (I hoped). Never been there, don’t know anyone there…

I’m going to re-print parts of a letter that I just sent to a few friends, because it seems to encapsulate the journey that I have been on this year:
My darlings, beginning with my mysteriously frozen neck this summer, I have felt and seen the synchronicities and miracles of healing….just POURING DOWN ON ME, non-stop.

Chapter 1: Great Mother says STOP HERE NOW, and be with physical immobility (like, I couldn’t get out of bed). I got a lot of help from friends.….

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