Tales from Thailand 2020 #4

chinese new year dragon

Above is the Chinese dragon, on New Year’s Day. We are now in the year of the Metallic Rat. Below is my favorite “dragon,” and also my closest neighbor here at S.D.S.

The photo is actually the baby. Mama appeared last month and posed for five minutes, but I didn’t have my camera with me…what a tease! Mama has grown to (at least) eight feet long now. For you left-brain readers, those brick tiles in the photo are approximately 14”.

This winter in Thailand, my schedule has been filled to the brim with field trips, accompanying Khun-mae and Nawng Joy all over the country. On our trip to Chiangmai, a famously groovy part of northern Thailand, we stayed at an elegant Hindu/ Krishna organic farm and retreat center run by a lovely Thai woman and her Russian husband, who is an antique dealer in Japan. . .

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