Tales from Thailand 2020 #1

Hello again, dear readers.

Yes, this time I really am in Thailand, and back home at my retreat center, where I am the official International Volunteer. I can’t seem to resist featuring this fellow (above) that I found while gardening today, though he’s actually double that size. And below, little Maechee Pim, age 9, is showing me the onions that she waters every day.

I was given a royal welcome and taken to “my” house, which is always saved for me. (I still don’t understand why or how I am given these absolutely unique blessings…. but I’ve given up worrying about that).

Many of you, dear readers, have surely been wondering this year, as I have: Will humans make the curve in time to survive on planet Earth, in any recognizable fashion? How many species will survive? And why aren’t more people responding to this upcoming scenario? . . .

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