Tales from Thailand #5

Hello again, friends. Thanks so much for your insightful and heartfelt responses to these Tales. Though I’m not able to respond personally, they are definitely appreciated, dears.

Today, I have time to start the fifth Tale, even though I sent #4 out yesterday…because I’m sort of hiding out in my beautiful little kuti/house today.

The truth: I haven’t been present for alms-walk or Kitchen Zen or my afternoon gardening sessions with Chom for three days now. I’m QUITE hesitant to admit it, but I am sick.

Tales #4 was originally going to be about my super-human level of newly reinforced immunity against all bacterial invasions e.g. I had a Splat-Factor rating into the Stratosphere, just short of Breatharians and those who claim immortality.

The photo above, which I refer to as “Morning Sunshine” is now my first beverage of the day. Yupp, it’s urine therapy….I know

the BlinK
(a.k.a. I can’t believe she wrote that

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