Tales from Thailand #2

Hello again, dear readers. This is probably not the image you expected to see in my second Tales this year.

But I must credit Winnie-the-Pooh as a major inspiration behind my current mindscape . Or rather, Pooh was best able to sum up the advice given to me by my teacher Anna Cox, right before I left on this adventure. Anna told me:

Effortlessly let go of any work….and see what stirs, into the light.

Pooh told Christopher Robin:

Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.

I usually do not watch movies on airplanes anymore, because I am so vulnerable that they make a very deep unshakable impression. But in the final two hours of my days-long journey, on the flight between Seoul and Bangkok, I decided to watch Disney’s new movie, “Christopher Robin.” And I was well-rewarded.

“Doing nothing” includes releasing anxiety, not overscripting, and gently demoting this harsh, comparing mind…. At least I’m well aware when this silly old bear is seized with the desire for more “honey,” be it attention, immortal youth or sugar. . .

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