About Dharma Days

Dharma Days are a one-day opportunity, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., to take a personal tour in the Theravadan Vipassana meditation traditional practices of sitting, walking, eating and loving-kindness/metta.

It’s a great chance for beginning meditators to get their feet wet, and for oldies to refresh their practice. We also do a mild 50-minute stretching/yoga/or creative movement session. An organic vegetarian lunch will be served. No charge for this day, though dana/donations are accepted. See Registration link below to register.

We will have chairs or cushions available for sitting, and yoga mats for our period of stretching, though you all are of course welcome to bring your own. I will send out an orientation letter well before the event.

All are welcome, though pre-registration must be submitted no less than three days before the retreat (e.g. the Wednesday before). These Dharma Days have been filling up the last couple of years, so don’t wait til the last minute to sign up, friends.

At Dharma Day, we also practice the Buddhist tradition of Noble Silence, though there will be group discussions and question periods. The participants’ silence allows them to sink down into the practice without distractions.