Prologue to Tales from Capetown

Hamjambo, marafiki (kiswahili for howdy, friends)!

I know that many of you are patiently waiting for this second year’s installment on
“Tales From Tanzania” – And I had my air ticket, my visa, gifts and clothes for the kids, lunch dates with friends in Dar Es Salaam and Mwanza….. when I heard from Sister
Helena that: “the Busega police are very angry with you…they say that you are a spy..”

joy-meditation-retreatAnd, from a certain perspective I guess that is true: I am a photo-journalist.
And, at Sister’s request, I did report on the political corruption that I witnessed,. But she thought it might be too dangerous for me to return this year…. the politician I tattled on did not win his re-election bid.. He was replaced by a more honest man.

In a quandary, I called my teacher in Little Rock, and asked her to, literally, look into the matter, with her psychic visioning. Anna did, and definitely agreed with Sister Helena that I shouldn’t return to Lamadi this year, or to Tanzania at all. She reported:
“Hmmm.. South Africa looks bright. I think you’re going to work in a family medical clinic with traumatized children and families.”

Within a few hours, I had traded my Ethiopian Air ticket to Tanzania for a strangely
great deal on a flight to Capetown. No visa required.

Isn’t life fascinating? Click link to read the full newsletter (pdf with photos) …Prologue to Tales from Capetown by Joy Fox