Songwriter’s Creativity Weekend

May 17 – May 19, 2019

Spend three days in the Heart of the Ozarks 
and experience an eclectic, organic approach to creating music 
in a provocatively creative atmosphere

A weekend of musical exploration and growth.

Our extremely popular, semi-annual leap into creativity and music – led by our talented and creative teachers Donna and Kelly Mulholland, and Jack Williams into a special (and perhaps previously unknown) territory within our hearts.

Note to our newcomers: No one is ever required to sing or play at Wattle Hollow! You may take part in our workshop sessions or song circles to whatever extent you feel at ease. We hope, though, that you will soon feel comfortable enough to be willing to share your music with us, both for our enjoyment and to allow us to understand the role music plays in your life. Please don’t forget that there are singers, players, and writers in every one of our groups who are still at the “beginner” level – sometimes along with a few who are more advanced – but who have come to understand that, at Wattle Hollow, the playing field is level and free of judgement, and that people of all skill levels are encouraged to share their music.

Contact Judy Smith for details and registration.

More about the instructors at this link.