Helping Hands & Heart

November 4 & 5th

Times: 11:30 Saturday – 3 p.m. Sunday

An in-service weekend for those volunteers who are working in the prisons, sharing meditation and/or yoga outreach, or if you’ve always planned to.

Meditation is a powerful and accessible tool for healing, cultivating compassion and wisdom, and liberating oneself from internal prisons. The Meditation Guide weekend retreat is a training for experienced meditators practicing bodhisattva action.

At this workshop, we’ll learn:

  • Deep listening
  • How to give meditation guide instruction
  • How to lead group discussion
  • Walking meditation

Participants are asked to read Pema Chodron’s, How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with your Mind prior to the retreat. There will be shorter reading and journaling activities during the retreat.

This Meditation Guide Training will begin in the context of prison outreach through a Buddhist organization called Compassion Works for All, but has the potential for outgrowth and support in other social action and helping arenas. We strongly encourage participants to imagine using this guide instruction in volunteer settings, including in prisons, with at-risk youth, and with other disenfranchised communities.


Morgan Holladay, LMSW, is the executive director of Compassion Works for All (founded by Anna Cox), whose mission is to offer healing and hope by living and teaching compassion, especially to the disenfranchised and people in prison. Morgan practices in the Vajrayana Nyingma tradition at the Ecumenical Buddhist Society in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Cheryl Woodard is a board member of Compassion Works for All and former board member of the Ecumenical Buddhist Society in Little Rock. She studied under Chogyam Trungpa and later Pema Chodron at the Shambhala Center in Berkeley, California. Cheryl practices in the Vajrayana Nyingma tradition at the Ecumenical Buddhist Society in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sliding scale cost:

Deepen your meditation practice $180;
Commit to leading 2 free meditation practices in the community $108;
Commit to leading 2 meditation practices in prison as a Compassion Works for All volunteer $80. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.