2022 Schedule

Hello, dear Sangha and Sangha-to-be!

I’ll soon be leaving for the Baja in mid December, and later head east for the rest of the winter…WAY east, to Cambodia and Thailand. If you’d like to receive the “Tales From Joy” series of blog posts, send me an email, and I’ll happily include you.

Isn’t life fascinating? It’s a GREAT time to be a Buddhist, since “Knowing nothing” seems to be the byline of most events in our lives and expectations these days. (e.g. Cambodia and Thailand could easily go back into lockdown this winter).

Just like last year, regarding our Wattle Hollow events:


So you beautiful soulful millennials and others who are on the fence about this issue, it’s time to get in line for your vaccination if you want to come to Wattle Hollow programs this spring and summer and fall. The booster is also something I heavily encourage!

There will probably be more dates and events scheduled than are listed below, but this is the schedule that I can foresee for now.

Wattle Hollow Retreat Center - Fall

Blessings to you all and may your mindfulness be deep and rich, amidst the battering difficulties of this past year.
You can send your questions to me: joyfoxwath@gmail.com